Bazelet Architects is a boutique architecture and interior design studio based in Ra’anana, Israel, which caters to the English-speaking community. Our office specializes in the planning, remodeling and renovation of private houses and apartments.


At Bazelet, we strive to incorporate Israeli innovation into our architectural planning and interior design. We believe creative designs that incorporate Israeli architectural characteristics suit our clients best in the long run. We provide high-quality planning that is intelligent, sustainable, draws inspiration from the environment, and combines leading-edge technology with a high level of aesthetics and uncompromising functionality. Our goal is to design beautiful, innovative Israeli homes that are customized to our clients’ needs and lifestyle. It is important to us that our clients take pride in their home once  the work is completed.


We find unique architectural solutions for any place and space, always considering our clients’ needs. We make sure to accompany our clients from the planning stage through execution and completion of the project.

Our services include careful planning and supervision of the smallest details, and coordination with suppliers and building professionals. Our studio works only with licensed and reliable professionals who maintain high standards and ensure high-quality finishes. We are committed to ensuring our customers are provided excellent workmanship, and are satisfied with the end result.


Bazelet was founded by architects Anouk Ron and Shira Dromi, who met while working together in a leading architectural firm. With eight years of experience, Anouk and Shira have undertaken and successfully completed dozens of diverse projects. The chemistry and great energy between the two architects are reflected in their projects, which are carried out with passion and great care.


Anouk Ron completed her B. Arch. studies with honors at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and has been certified by Home Styling, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Shira Dromi completed her B.Arch. studies at Tel Aviv University, where she graduated cum laude and participated in the Azrieli Competition for Outstanding Final Projects.

In addition to their practical work, both have lectured at architectural and design training institutes, including the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and the Israeli Building Center.


The name "Basalt Architects" was inspired by the basalt volcanic rock that was once used for building structures in northern Israel.


Architect Anouk Ron,  graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, graduate course for Home Styling.


Architect Shira Dromi, graduate of the David Azrieli  School of Architecture, Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University.
052.622.6070 | Arch. Shira Dromi

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