Tips for reducing renovation costs

Budget consideration has a tremendous influence on the renovation process. Focusing on the budget is a vital part of any renovation, and Bazelet Architects make it a priority to work together with our clients to stay within their budget.


You may wonder – is it really possible to anticipate renovation expenses? Can costs be reduced by proper planning?  The answer is yes! Bazelet Architects use a process that assists our clients to remain within the framework of their budget - and if there is a deviation, ensures it will be minimal.  At the end of the interior design phase and closing of the work plans, we produce a bill of quantities. This is a very detailed document that outlines the phases of work that will be completed (in order of execution), and the cost of each. For example, the number of walls to be demolished, quantity of electrical outlets to be installed, etc. This document enables us to examine the scope and price of a contractor’s work, and forces the contractor to commit to his price estimate. It also allows us to collect bids from different contractors. After receiving a price quote from the selected contractor, we summarize all the expenses so the client can determine if the work meets his/her budget or if certain items should be eliminated due to cost.


At Bazelet, we carefully advise our clients when selecting materials, since many factors can influence cost. For example, selecting a small tile can double the price of both the material and the labor itself, as opposed to a larger tile. Or when choosing a window type, the price of a Belgian iron profile will be significantly higher than a Belgian aluminum profile. Another factor that can significantly affect the price of a renovation is dividing it into stages. Clients often ask if it is worthwhile to finish one part of a house before moving on to another. This may seem simple, but it’s important to remember that the contractor comes with a team of professionals like plumbers and electricians, and the work needs to be synchronized.  If the contractor is required to continue the renovations another time, he will have to bring the workers back, which will add to the cost of the project.

In conclusion, we at Bazelet Architects believe that professional architects and interior designers should offer solutions that can reduce renovation costs. Moreover, we attach great importance to examining all parameters of a project, and to managing the process from beginning to end, ensuring that any deviation from the budget will be minimal.


This article was written by Bazelet Architects, who give lectures at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and at the Israeli Building Center. It is a recommendation only and does not replace consultation with all relevant professionals.

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